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Monday, November 26, 2012

American Idol at Hollywood Studios

Sometimes it's nice to just sit and enjoy a show every now and then. Maybe American Idol on tv has gotten stale, but American Idol at Hollywood Studios hasn't.

American Idol at Hollywood Studios!
I went for one show, though I could have sat and watched more. There were three contestants; one was breathy, another was young but did a great a job, and the last contestant went all out with long notes and big gestures, but they all could definitely sing. Everyone in the audience voted with an electronic device at their seats and the audience seemed to respectfully take it seriously as the third contestant got her ticket to the front of the American Idol audition line. The host and judges did a great job; the background music made it seem like you were at the real deal, which we kind of were.

My only question is: I thought the age limit for Idol was 28, and two of the contestants definitely seemed older. Has it changed?

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