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Friday, March 22, 2013

Disney Running Events Getting Very Popular

It seems like everyone is training for something nowadays. A marathon, a half marathon, a 10K, a 5K...where does it stop? It doesn't seem too. And it isn't just your hardcore athletes. Running has become popular. Very popular. I myself am guilty of taking part. I have done a few. The first 5K I wanted to check that off my list of something I've done. Ran a 5K. Check. I did it - ran the whole time. Then, I did a few more as an excuse to visit Disney World. Well, might as well go to this park. Down here already. Why am I at Disney World? Doing this 5K. But I kinda feel like you've done one, done them all.

Not the case for a lot of people it seems. My friends, co-workers, and it seems like the majority of the U.S. Some people seem to want to do them all or they do them because they love them. Wow. I guess I am just not a runner. Is it the universality of them? The fact that all ages can take part? The little quirks each one has. Do this one and complete a scavenger hunt. Run for this cause. The quirks are great. For me, the quirks are what has made me do them.

And it's not just Disney. Companies are getting creative. Do this one and jump through fire. I must admit that once appealed to me though at the time I had a prior commitment and couldn't do it. Do this one and get sprayed by colors. Have fun messing up your t-shirt. Do this one and get chased by zombies. What will they think of next? I think probably even more.

Running races has become so popular in fact Disney's Expedition Everest Challenge, a 5K held in May, yes May is already sold out. Last year, I was able to sign up for this much closer to the time. A Disney half marathon and 10K held August 31st and September 1st are also sold out. Maybe more people are catching on to the Disney races, but I also just think these running events in general are just way in demand, maybe a little too popular....

 Until next time, Happy Running!!

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