UA-36047796-1 What to Do at Disney: Free Character Drawing Class at Hollywood Studios

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Free Character Drawing Class at Hollywood Studios

Do you have a little artist in your family? Or would you like to learn to draw a Disney character the easy way? I stumbled across Four must-sees at Disney World and it was #2 that hit me as something different and fun for just about anyone. First, you will need admission to Hollywood Studios, but once you are there, the class is free.

At the Magic of Animation Academy in the Animation Courtyard, character drawing classes are hosted by a Disney Animator who gives away a drawing at the end of class. One class takes about 30 minutes and sessions run continuously all day long. You never know which character you will be drawing in class because characters change with each session. One detail to note especially if you have an easily frustrated child (or adult) with you is that for the sake of time, there are no erasers so be sure to keep drawing lines light until instructed to darken things up. Have fun making your own souvenir!

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