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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monsters University Summer Sweepstakes

It's another Monsters Sweepstakes!  You didn't think Mike and Sulley would let the summer go by without some sweepstakes fun, did you? The winner will receive:
  • Choice of trip to Disney World or Disneyland for a family of four
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Four Disney theme park tickets
  • $500 Disney gift card
  • A one day VIP tour
  • A VIP meet and greet with Mike and Sulley

Vacation must be taken after November 1, 2013 but before November 1, 2014 and some blackout dates do apply

Enter at

What will you need to do to enter? Well, entering this contest is actually a lot of fun. You get to play some scaring games!
  • First, you put down your contact information and get into a sorority or fraternity for one sweepstakes entry.  
  • Then, the real fun begins. You go through scaring training! Each activity you complete earns one additional entry, but you only get an entry for doing an activity once. Otherwise, some people would be playing all day! Can't have that, although the activities are pretty cool.
Choose the activity you want to do first. You have a choice of 3 doors.

First, I did The Twilight Zone Tower of Tower door. With this one, I had to pick three people who look like they'd be most scared / scream the most on the ride. The ride drops, you see the riders' expressions, and a little capsule fills up telling you how much scream energy they have. I got one right!

Next, I picked the New Fantasyland door. You get just a few seconds to explore and then you must place objects, where you think you saw them. Two out of five for me!

The last door I went through was the Haunted Mansion. Here I got to scare guests by matching the color around them with a Doom Buggie of the same color, which involved moving the Doom Buggie to the lane they were in. It moved pretty fast, but I did well with this, 480 points! The game keeps going until you mess up three times. Once you get that third X, you're done. It was a game you had to be fast at and hope your mouse doesn't stick!

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