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Monday, September 7, 2015

Alice: Through the Looking Glass Movie Preview

 Alice in Wonderland is coming May 27, 2016 to movie theaters. Enjoy the preview!

Finding Dory Movie Stars Ellen DeGeneres

Finding Dory will hit movie theaters on June 17, 2016. The movie stars Ellen DeGeneres. Get more info below.

Pete's Dragon Disney Movie Info

Pete's Dragon is a new Disney movie in 2016. The movie is scheduled to be in theaters August 12, 2016. Watch below for more info on the movie.

The BFG Book Becoming a Disney Movie

Do you know what BFG stands for? If you didn't read the Roald Dahl book, you will know after seeing the Disney movie. The new Disney movie arrives in theaters July 1, 2016.

Captain America: Civil War Disney Movie

Watch a preview of a new 2016 Disney movie, Captain America: Civil War. The full-length movie hits theaters May 6, 2016.

The Jungle Book 2016 Movie Preview

You know the book. Now, watch the preview of The Jungle Book.

The movie hits theaters April 15, 2016.

Zootopia Movie Trailer

Watch the Zootopia trailer for a new Disney movie, in theaters March 4, 2016.

Small Boat Rescue Movie Trailer

It is a true story of a small boat rescue and the first Disney movie of 2016. Watch the trailer of The Finest Hours here.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Can't wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to hit theaters December 18th? Check out the trailer below.

The Good Dinosaur Movie Preview

Watch a preview of the movie, The Good Dinosaur, in theaters November 25th.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Disney Research Produces 3-D-printed Objects with Variable Elasticity Using Single Material

A 3D-printed teddy bear can have a stiff head, a pliable tummy and bendable arms, even though all of it is made of the same relatively stiff material, using a new method developed by Disney Research.
By using the printer to alter the small-scale structure of the material, the Disney researchers showed they could vary its elasticity dramatically within the same object. They developed families of compatible microstructures with varying elastic properties, enabling designers to select the properties desired for each region of an object.
The team demonstrated their new method to produce several deformable toys, including a teddy bear and a rabbit, as well as a pair of deformable tubes that might be used as a manipulator for a soft robot.
"Many functional objects in our everyday life consist of elastic, deformable material, and the material properties are often inextricably linked to function," said Christian Schumacher, a Ph.D. computer graphics student at ETH Zurich and at Disney Research. "3D printing usually involves only a single material or a very small set of materials. However, 3D printing easily produces complex, 3D microstructures which we can use to create metamaterials with properties beyond those of standard printer materials."
Metamaterials - materials that derive their bulk properties from the shape and arrangement of their microstructures, rather than the composition of the material itself - are not new. What the Disney Research team sought to do is use a variety of these metamaterials so that different regions within a single object could have different elastic properties.
They began by sampling a number of microstructures to determine their properties. These were then grouped into families of similar structures that represent a range of elastic behaviors and that can be interpolated to smoothly vary the material properties over a wide range.
To create an object, these microstructures - measuring 8 mm on a side - are tiled together in the object's interior. The researchers created an algorithm for optimizing the combination of these microstructures, making sure that microstructures of different shapes connect properly.
In the demonstration objects, the team showed that this method could be used to produce fully articulated figures, with joints that bend even through the remainder of each limb was stiff. A simple, two-fingered manipulator developed for a soft robot featured two tubes designed to bend only in one direction when a balloon inside was inflated or deflated.

Havaianas Official Flip-Flops of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts

Havaianas, known for energetic and vibrant Brazilian designs in footwear, announced a new strategic alliance with the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort and Disney Vacation Club.
"We are thrilled to have entered into this relationship with the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort and Disney Vacation Club because they embody instant joy much like Havaianas," said Marcio Moura, Havaianas' USA President. "We look forward to creating a harmonious relationship and further expanding opportunities within the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort and Disney Vacation Club in the coming years."
For the past four years, Havaianas has produced Disney-themed flip-flops and this new alliance will give the brand opportunity to further engage with Disney fans. Havaianas will soon be made available for sale to Disney guests at 22 retail locations across the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort and Disney Vacation Club including a dedicated retail build-out at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and Disney California Adventure Park.
Havaianas is also currently working with Disney Theme Park Merchandise to create exclusive co-branded flip-flops.
Additionally, in November, Havaianas will become an official sponsor of all runDisney races that provide runners with a unique Disney experience.
About HavaianasHavaianas embodies the fun, vibrant and spontaneous way of Brazilian life. As the original flip-flops created in 1962, Havaianas have been bringing the Brazilian spirit all around the world for products of high quality rubber and bright, joyful designs. Add instant joy to feet with comfort and happiness.

Disney Research Leverages Redundancy in Casually Shot Videos to Enable Scene-space Effects

The same sort of video processing effects that usually require video to be shot in controlled environments where 3-D positions of cameras and objects are precisely known can be achieved with real-world, handheld video shot from consumer-grade cameras using a new approach pioneered by Disney Research.
The technique, developed with Braunschweig University of Technology, compensates for the lack of exact 3-D information about a scene by taking advantage of the fact that most elements of a scene are visible many times in a video. The researchers found they could sample pixels of scene structure from multiple frames of a video and add a filtering process that compensates for inaccuracies in 3-D positions.
These and other effects were demonstrated using video recorded on an iPhone 5s, a GoPro Hero 3, a Canon point-and-shoot camera, or a Sony DSLR camera.
"We believe that our novel processing approach will enable new video applications that were previously impossible, limited, or could not be fully explored because of inevitably unreliable depth information," said Oliver Wang, research scientist at Disney Research.
Processing video based on the 3-D position of pixels - known as scene-space processing - has a number of advantages over traditional, 2-D "image-space" processing. Its utility will only increase as more hardware for recording 3-D information, such as depth-enabled smartphones and Kinect game controllers, reaches the mass market.
Even so, obtaining exact 3-D information will remain elusive for the foreseeable future for video recorded under uncontrolled conditions, said Felix Klose, a researcher at Disney and at UT Braunschweig.
To leverage the high degree of redundancy in most videos and compensate for 3-D inaccuracies, the Disney team developed an efficient method for collecting all of the video pixels sampled from multiple frames that conceivably might represent the same point in a scene. They then developed a filtering process that discards outliers from this sample and computes the output pixel color as a weighted combination of the collected samples.
This framework is compatible with parallel computer processing and, despite the large amount of data accessed, reasonable runtimes can be achieved using standard desktop computers.

Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside Offers Special Summer Rate

Families who have yet to take a summer vacation — or Florida residents who think it's time for a great staycation — will appreciate the Celebrate Summer Package now being offered at Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside.
Not your typical Orlando airport hotel, Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside is quite a surprise for many travelers who want to end summer with a bang. Guests taking advantage of the Celebrate Summer Package can enjoy rates ranging from $129 to $189 per night with a $25 daily hotel credit, available to use in select outlets on site. 
Guests can enjoy many outdoor amenities including complimentary bicycles, picnic space, fishing gear, a running/walking trail, Adirondack chairs, hammocks, firepits, Ping-Pong and Foosball tables, and much more. The hotel's American style GastroPub,Crimson Tavern, is also a hidden treasure for diners looking for fresh, seasonal fare. 
Just a mile from Orlando International Airport (MCO), the hotel starts any trip off right with a complimentary shuttle ride. Once there, guests will find spacious rooms and suites with soundproof floor-to-ceiling windows and pillow-top mattresses for a peaceful night's rest. Stay in shape with the 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center, or go for a swim in the indoor or outdoor pools.
In addition to on-site fun, some of Florida's most popular attractions are within easy access of the Lake Nona hotel, including Walt Disney World®, SeaWorld® Orlando and Amway Arena.
About Orlando Airport Marriott LakesideOrlando Airport Marriott Lakeside at 7499 Augusta National Drive in Orlando, FL is near Cocoa Beach, Lake Nona and UCF Stadium. The hotel features 9 floors, 471 rooms, 14 suites, 20 meeting rooms with 29,700 square feet of total event space, 1 concierge level, 4 restaurants, a fitness center, indoor pool and outdoor pool. For information, visit or call 1-407-851-9000.
ABOUT MARRIOTT HOTELSWith 500 hotels and resorts in nearly 60 countries around the world, Marriott Hotels is evolving travel through every aspect of the guest's stay, enabling the next generation to Travel Brilliantly. Boldly transforming itself for mobile and global travelers who blend work and play, Marriott leads the industry with innovations, including the Greatroom Lobby, Future of Meetings and Mobile Guest Services that elevates style & design and technology. All Marriott hotels participate in the award winning Marriott Rewards frequent travel program that allows members to earn hotel points or airline miles for every dollar spent during each stay. For more information,

Disney Research Method Efficiently Renders Granular Materials at Multiple Scales

Computer graphics researchers have developed a way to efficiently render images of sand castles, gravel roads, snowmen, salt in a shaker or even ocean spray - any object consisting of randomly oriented, but discernible grains - that look realistic whether viewed from afar or up close.
The new method, developed by Disney Research in collaboration with researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Cornell University and Dartmouth College, employs three different types of rendering techniques depending on the scale at which the object is viewed.
A sand castle scene created by the researchers, which contains about two billion grains, appears uniformly light brown and continuous when seen from a distance. But when the view zooms in, individual grains of three different colors are apparent.
"Granular materials are common in our everyday environment, but rendering these materials accurately and efficiently at arbitrary scales remains an open problem in computer graphics," said Marios Papas, a Ph.D. student in computer graphics at Disney Research and ETH Zurich. The rendering framework he and his colleagues used to tackle this problem adapts to the structure of scattered light at different scales.
At the smallest scale, they consider the geometry, size and material properties of the individual grains and the density at which they are packed together. They capture the appearance of these individual grains with a rendering technique called path tracing. This traces many light paths from each pixel back to their sources, building a highly detailed and realistic model of the aggregate material. Using just a few paths per pixel typically results in very noisy images that are quick to compute, but high-quality images require simulating thousands of such light paths per pixel.
The intense computation required for this technique isn't feasible for the entire object, which might contain millions or billions of grains. So, as the scale increases and as it becomes harder to track which rays bounced off which grains, they use a different rendering technique, volumetric path tracing, which approximates the material as a continuous medium and requires less computation. While typically used to render more tenuous atmospheric effects like clouds or smoke, the researchers showed how this technique can also be used to accurately simulate the way light scatters within such granular materials at larger scales.
At even greater scales, particularly for materials that are highly reflective such as snow or spray, they use a third technique leveraging the diffusion approximation.
"It would be possible to use any one of these techniques to render the image, but path tracing the individual grains would require prohibitive amounts of computation time and the other techniques would fail to capture the appearance of individual grains at small scales," said the project lead Wojciech Jarosz, formerly a senior research scientist at Disney Research and now an assistant professor of computer science at Dartmouth College.
"One of our core contributions is showing how to systematically combine these disparate methods and representations to ensure visual consistency between grains visible at vastly different scales, both across the image or across time in an animation," Jarosz said.
Depending on the type of material, the hybrid approach can speed up computation by tens or hundreds of times in comparison to renderings done entirely with path tracing, according to the researchers' calculations.

Disney Research Method Captures Facial Details at High Fidelity and Real Time

Forehead wrinkles that rapidly deepen and crow's feet that appear suddenly around the eyes might distress the average person, but the ability to quickly and realistically incorporate such details in a facial reconstruction is the key feature of a new performance capture method developed at Disney Research.
The method, which requires only a single video camera such as a webcam, is the first to both operate in real-time and to capture facial features in high resolution, including such details as wrinkles.
"This could open up a variety of new applications, from casual home users who wish to give their own likeness to a game character to commercial applications where, for example, a customer can apply and view virtual makeup," said Derek Bradley, research scientist at Disney Research. "In film production, our method would allow a director to assess an actor's performance transferred to a digital creature even as he is filming."
In addition to Bradley, the research team included Chen Cao and Kun Zhou of Zhejiang University as well as Thabo Beeler of Disney Research. 
Capturing facial details has proven critical for conveying emotions or the state of mind of a character and audiences are sensitive to subtle characteristics of the face. Animators thus devote great care to tracking facial performances of actors so that they can create realistic virtual characters. Until now, these facial performance capture methods have been designed to either capture these details in high resolution offline, or to record less detail but at high speed.
The new method represents a substantial step towards the goal of attaining both high quality and high speed.
As with other real-time facial capture methods, the researchers begin by using generic, low-resolution face models as the basis for reconstruction. A face model is virtually fitted to the user by the system as the user changes expressions and contorts his or her face in front of a video camera.
The system then automatically calculates a personalized wrinkle probability map, based on the set of extreme expressions the user assumed to train the program. The wrinkles may not match the user's actual wrinkles exactly, but they exhibit a very similar appearance because of the way they are formed.
"By learning the relationship between local image appearance and local wrinkle formation, we can reconstruct plausible face wrinkles in real-time from a single camera," Beeler noted. Once trained, the online capture approach can be applied to any new user without additional training. The system is generic and can be used with most common types of real-time face trackers.
For more information on the method, and a video, please visit the project web page at
About Disney Research
Disney Research is a network of research laboratories supporting The Walt Disney Company. Its purpose is to pursue scientific and technological innovation to advance the company's broad media and entertainment efforts. Vice Presidents Jessica Hodgins and Markus Gross manage Disney Research facilities in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Zürich, and Boston and work closely with the Pixar and ILM research groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Research topics include computer graphics, animation, video processing, computer vision, robotics, wireless & mobile computing, human-computer interaction, displays, behavioral economics, and machine learning.

Star Wars Fans Awaken for ‘Force Friday’ at Midnight

Today, merchandise inspired by the highly anticipated new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens launched at retailers around the globe as ‘Force Friday’ officially got underwayHot off the heels of the 18+ hour global live unboxing event on YouTube where highlights of the new product range were officially unveiled, the celebration continued as more than 3,000 retail locations in the U.S. opened their doors at midnight for fans to be among the first to discover new Star Wars products.
“We’ve been working closely with the filmmakers to bring the characters and storylines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to life through an exciting array of products, and we’re thrilled to share them with fans around the world”
“We’ve been working closely with the filmmakers to bring the characters and storylines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to life through an exciting array of products, and we’re thrilled to share them with fans around the world,” said Leslie Ferraro, Co-Chair, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media and President, Disney Consumer Products.
Starting in Sydney and ending at Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media hosted an epic global live event to unveil key Star Wars: The Force Awakens productsFans who tuned in to the Star Wars YouTube page were able to see the following toys unboxed by top digital stars from the Maker Studios network:
  • Sydney: Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber toy from Hasbro
  • Tokyo: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Big Figs (31” and 48”) from JAKKS Pacific
  • Hong Kong: Hot Wheels® Star Wars character car assortment and Escape from Jakku™ Starship playset from Mattel
  • Seoul: LEGO Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter™
  • Paris: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Lightsaber, a Disney Store exclusive
  • Madrid: Star Wars Micro Machines First Order Star Destroyer from Hasbro
  • Berlin: LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle™
  • London: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Elite Series die-cast figure assortment, a Disney Store exclusive
  • Rio de Janeiro: Star Wars Black Series 6” figure assortment from Hasbro
  • ‘Good Morning America’ (New York): LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon™ and Star Wars BB-8 from Sphero
  • Toronto: Star Wars Remote Controlled Millennium Falcon Quad and X-Wing Starfighter from Air Hogs, Spin Master
  • Chicago: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Role Play for kids exclusive to Disney Store
  • Mexico City: Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe NERF Blaster from Hasbro
  • San Francisco: Star Wars Battle Action Millennium Falcon from Hasbro
  • Los Angeles: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Vehicle from Hasbro
Additionally, fans tuning in to watch ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on ABC were treated to a fun product reveal with Jimmy and his security guard sidekick Guillermo, showcasing Star Wars: The Force Awakens Voice Changing Masks exclusive to Disney Store.
Beyond lightsabers, construction sets, figures and collectibles, fans can find products across a wide variety of categories, including apparel for all members of the family, home décor, lifestyle accessories, books and more. New Star Wars products can be found around the world at mass and specialty retailers, such as, Kohl’s, Target, Toys “R” Us and Walmart, as well as Disney Store and
Highlights from the merchandise line found in the U.S. include:
  • A large collection of exclusive merchandise from Disney Store including role play items, talking action figures and figure play sets, along with themed apparel, tech accessories, mugs, journals and more
  • J. Crew apparel for men, women and kids featuring the fan-favorite “Chewie, we’re home” scene of Chewbacca and Han Solo from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer
  • Star Wars collection of Rock & Republic® misses apparel and Mighty Fine juniors apparel offers female fans graphic tees, leggings, sweatshirts, hoodies and dresses available at Kohl’s
  • The ultimate Millennium Falcon children’s bed from Pottery Barn Kids, looking like something seen from a galaxy far, far away
  • A villainous take on home merchandise featuring new characters from the Dark Side, such as First Order Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren available at JCPenney
To preserve the integrity of key movie moments, an additional wave of products will be released closer to the film’s debut, when fans will be able to find additional items featuring the newest characters, including Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, BB-8 and more. On December 18, a Play Set based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens will become available for Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, the latest installment of the best-selling “toys-to-life” video game from Disney Interactive.

4 Blankets Released as Collector’s Items in Advance of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

The Ultimate Collector’s Set commemorates Star Wars from its introduction to the latest episode.
Four Blankets for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Pendleton Woolen Mills, a globally acclaimed lifestyle brand, in partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm, has released limited edition, hand-numbered Star Wars blankets. There are 1,977 blankets of each design created for the celebration of the new movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The year 1977 forever changed our perception of space, adventure and heroism. This collection commemorates Star Wars from its introduction to the latest episode.
“Pendleton was approached by Disney and Lucasfilm to create a series of blankets that would celebrate their new film, The Force Awakens”
“Pendleton was approached by Disney and Lucasfilm to create a series of blankets that would celebrate their new film, The Force Awakens,” said Bob Christnacht, Vice President Global Sales. “We wanted to stay true to the Pendleton aesthetic by incorporating our iconic design elements fused with classic Star Wars imagery. The goal was to show respect, and honor the Star Wars characters that we have all come to know, enjoy and consider a part of our culture.”
Star Wars Blankets, available individually and as a set of 4, are inspired by four different Star Wars movie themes including: A New HopeThe Empire Strikes BackReturn of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.
  • A New Hope Blanket is inspired by the iconic Star Wars poster, which depicts the hero characters introduced in the original Star Wars movie, Episode IV.
  • The Empire Strikes Back Blanket celebrates the iconic villains of the series, Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers. After the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has regrouped – with Darth Vader leading the hunt for Luke Skywalker.
  • Return of the Jedi Blanket features the galactic Ships as they power into light speed. Luke Skywalker heads a mission to rescue Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt.
  • The Force Awakens Blanket design portrays the new Star Wars characters from the evil side. Pendleton Woolen Mills based the design of this blanket on the exclusive images from the new movie.
To purchase, call our Pendleton Home Store at 503.535.5444 or visit our website at
The Ultimate Collector’s Set:
A matched-number set of all four blankets
MSRP: $1,200Delivery: 10.31.15
Single Blanket:
MSRP: $249Delivery: 11.25.2015
About Pendleton Setting the standard for classic American style, Pendleton is a lifestyle brand recognized as a symbol of American heritage, authenticity and craftsmanship. With six generations of family ownership since 1863, the company recently celebrated 152 years of weaving fabrics in the Pacific Northwest. Known for fabric innovation, Pendleton owns and operates two of America’s remaining woolen mills, constantly updating them with state-of-the-art looms and eco-friendly technology. Inspired by its heritage, the company designs and produces apparel for men and women, blankets, home décor, and gifts. Pendleton is available through select retailers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia; Pendleton stores; company catalogs; and direct-to-consumer channels including the Pendleton website,

Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort Welcomes Four Seasons Private Residences

Disney began sales of Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort this week, the most recent phase of development in the luxury resort-residential community of Golden Oak. Nestled within Golden Oak and offering private entry to Four Seasons Resort Orlando, these single-family custom homes will feel like an extension of the Resort with amenities just steps away.
Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

Disney began sales of Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort, the most recent phase of development in the luxury resort-residential community of Golden Oak. Nestled within Golden Oak and offering private entry to Four Seasons Resort Orlando, these single-family custom homes will feel like an extension of the Resort with amenities just steps away.  
New to the Central Florida market, these unique residences will offer a luxury lifestyle featuring personalized service delivered by Four Seasons. In addition to the benefits and amenities that come from living at Golden Oak, owners of Four Seasons Private Residences will also have a private entry and access to the amenities and services at the neighboring Four Seasons Resort Orlando, which includes a full-service spa, five pool areas, tennis courts and six onsite restaurants. 
The Resort will also offer these homeowners in-home a la carte services such as spa treatments, residential cleaning and in residence dining and catering for parties. Residents will also have a la carte access to the Kids for All Seasons program for an additional fee. All services and amenities available through Four Seasons Resort Orlando will be overseen by a dedicated Residence Manager. 
"Homeowners at Golden Oak have the rare opportunity to create unforgettable memories with family and friends for generations to come," said Page Pierce, vice president of Disney Resort Real Estate Development. "Located within the community of Golden Oak, Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort combines two brands renowned for impeccable service, outstanding amenities and exceptional experiences: Walt Disney World Resort and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts."
Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando will include three collections of approximately one-half acre homesites. These custom residences, ranging in size from 6,000 to over 10,000 square feet, will feature three European-inspired styles embodying Venetian, Italianate and Spanish Revival architectural precedents. Homeowners will also have the option to include a Four Seasons butler pantry allowing in-home deliveries of everything from groceries to linens, while not permitting staff access to the primary residence.   
The Edgewood collection features four European-style homes placed among a wooded preserve, while Starview will boast six grand residences with serene privacy situated on homesites with terraced backyards. With the options of golf course views, water views or the natural Florida surroundings, Starview homes will allow residents to savor the finest in indoor-outdoor living. The balance of the homesites, known as Gardenside, will feature lush landscapes. The majority of the homes will include views of natural preserves and green spaces, while two unique corner homesites will be placed for residences with private interior courtyards, blending Old World style with outdoor living.
Like all Golden Oak residents, owners of Four Seasons Private Residences will be members of the Golden Oak Club. As members of the Club owners will have access to other amenities including Summerhouse, the private community clubhouse featuring the full-service Markham's dining room and Tyler's Lounge and concierge-style Resident Services which organizes a variety of engaging activities and events throughout the year, including seasonal parties and private theme park events, as well as, park transportation, golf services, and more.
The Golden Oak community offers the only current opportunity for families to own homes at Walt Disney World Resort. The community welcomed its first residents in 2012 and Four Seasons Resort Orlando opened in August 2014. Four Seasons Private Residences* prices start at $5 million and construction is anticipated to begin later this summer.  For more information about Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort, visit or call Golden Oak Realty at (407) 939-5577.
*Reflects current development plans, which are subject to change without notice. Ancillary amenities privileges and services charged separately.
Golden Oak brings together family, friends, and cherished Disney traditions in a unique, luxury residential resort community of single-family custom homes with prices starting at $2 million. To live at Golden Oak is to enjoy a year-round resort lifestyle that includes distinctive neighborhoods, expansive nature preserves, and an unsurpassed array of amenities and concierge-style resident services. The community's resort and recreation options include a private clubhouse, Four Seasons Private Residences and Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort.
Golden Oak offers a refined interpretation of resort living. Home sites are carefully placed to maximize privacy and landscape views, while home designs reflect the character and presence of century-old dwellings. Once fully developed, Golden Oak is anticipated to include approximately 285 homes and encompass 980 acres.
Founded in 1960, Four Seasons continues to define the future of luxury hospitality with extraordinary imagination, unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality, and the most genuine and customized service. Currently operating 93 hotels and residences in major city centres and resort destinations in 39 countries, and with more than 60 projects in development, Four Seasons consistently ranks among the world's best hotels and most prestigious brands in reader polls, traveller reviews and industry awards. For more information, visit For the latest news visit and follow @FourSeasonsPR on Twitter.

Walt Disney Records Announces Star Wars: The Force Awakens Original Motion Picture Soundtrack From Oscar®-winning Composer John Williams

Five-time Academy Award®-winning composer John Williams has recorded the score for the original motion picture soundtrack Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The soundtrack is available now for pre-order at
Lucasfilm and visionary director J.J. Abrams join forces to take you back again to a galaxy far, far away as Star Wars returns to the big screen with Star Wars: The Force AwakensStar Wars: The Force Awakens releases in U.S theaters on December 18, 2015. The soundtrack will be available wherever music is sold on December 18, 2015.
For more information on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, please visit For more information on Walt Disney Records' releases, like us on or follow us at  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mylan and Disney Team Up to Bring New Resources to Life for Families Managing Potentially Life-Threatening Allergies

Mylan N.V. (Nasdaq: MYL) is pleased to announce the launch of new resources featuring Disney content and programming, designed to help families living with potentially life-threatening (severe) allergies understand the importance of anaphylaxis awareness and ensure they are ready to respond in case a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) occurs. The unique multimedia content, created by Disney in collaboration with Mylan, focuses on the importance of having an anaphylaxis action plan in place, the critical first step of which is avoiding allergic triggers. The new resources include an educational website,, a children’s story book and cookbook, and food allergy-friendly programming at the 2015 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival this fall.

“Mylan has been a leader in the efforts to educate families about severe allergies, the importance of avoiding allergic triggers and being ready to respond to anaphylaxis. Our expertise coupled with the magic of Disney storytelling can help support families managing severe allergies in an effective and engaging way,” said Mylan CEO, Heather Bresch. “We are thrilled to be able to bring these initiatives to life for the nearly 43 million people affected by severe allergies across the country who need support.”

Today, launched to provide helpful features for families managing severe allergies, including recommendations, tips and real-life stories from experts and parents. The materials on the website help address a serious topic that can sometimes be frightening in a non-threatening way. The website will be updated every month with new educational content, including:
  • Expert tips and tricks from parents who share smart strategies for managing severe allergies.
  • Tips for newly diagnosed patients to help find their “new normal” for living with severe allergies.
  • Recipes for meals and treats the whole family will love – all free of the top eight food allergens.
  • Blog posts from food allergy moms Angie and Teresa highlighting their own families’ stories.
  • Crafts and projects specially designed for children with severe allergies, as well as information about local events.
  • Savor the Magic Sweepstakes, where people can enter for a chance to win a Walt Disney World Vacation with a special dining experience at one of three Walt Disney World Resort restaurants.*
Later this year, Mylan will distribute two books created by Disney Publishing Worldwide for families living with severe allergies. “Show & Tell Scout” is a children’s story book featuring Scout, a young fox living with severe allergies to peanuts and milk. With the help of Mickey Mouse and friends, Scout learns how to teach his friends – and readers – about how he manages his severe allergies, including the importance of having an anaphylaxis action plan. A cookbook featuring more than 40 unique recipes inspired by some of the most beloved Disney characters will also be available this year.

This fall, Mylan will sponsor a series of food allergy-friendly programs and culinary demonstrations at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival at Walt Disney World Resort. The events will feature notable chefs and food-allergy moms sharing recipes free of the top eight food allergens and highlighting tips about how to manage a severe allergy, whether at home, dining out, or on vacation.
To learn more, and to find other helpful resources regarding anaphylaxis and severe allergies, be sure to visit

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Open only to persons who are legal residents of the 50 U.S. or D.C. and who are not minors as defined by their state of primary residence or who are not a healthcare professional (or a member of healthcare professional’s family). Sweepstakes starts 12:00 AM (PT) on 8/12/15 and ends 11:59 PM (PT) on 9/30/15. Limit one (1) Entry per day, per Member/person. There is only one (1) prize available to be won. For full official rules, visit Sponsor: Disney Online, 1200 Grand Central Avenue, Glendale, CA 91201.

About Anaphylaxis
Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that has many possible triggers, occurs quickly, without warning, and must be treated immediately with epinephrine. Symptoms may include hives, swelling or redness of the skin, tightness in the throat, nausea, dizziness, breathing problems, a decrease in blood pressure and/or fainting. Anaphylaxis can be caused by triggers, such as food, stinging and biting insects, medicines, latex or even exercise. While symptoms of an allergic reaction vary from person to person, reactions can quickly progress to become life-threatening.

About Mylan
Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in healthcare. Working together around the world to provide 7 billion people access to high quality medicine, we innovate to satisfy unmet needs; make reliability and service excellence a habit; do what's right, not what's easy; and impact the future through passionate global leadership. We offer a growing portfolio of around 1,400 generic pharmaceuticals and several brand medications. In addition, we offer a wide range of antiretroviral therapies, upon which nearly 50% of HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries depend. We also operate one of the largest active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers and currently market products in about 145 countries and territories. Our workforce of approximately 30,000 people is dedicated to creating better health for a better world, one person at a time. Learn more at

About Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
More than 60 years ago, Walt Disney created a new kind of entertainment families could experience together, immersed in detailed atmospheres and vibrant storytelling. His vision now includes a collection of five of the world's leading family vacation destinations – Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.; Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Fla.; Tokyo Disney Resort, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan; Disneyland Paris, Marne-la-Vallee, France; and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, located on Lantau Island. A sixth resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, is currently under construction in Pudong New District, Shanghai. In addition, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts includes the world-class Disney Cruise Line; Disney Vacation Club; Adventures by Disney, a guided group vacation experience to some of the world's most popular destinations; and Walt Disney Imagineering, which creates and designs all Disney parks, resorts, cruise ships, entertainment and attractions.

About Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media
Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media (DCPI) is the business segment of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) that brings our Company's stories and characters to life through innovative and engaging physical products and digital experiences across more than 100 categories, from toys and t-shirts, to apps, books and console games. DCPI comprises two main lines of business: Disney Consumer Products (DCP), and Disney Interactive (DI). The combined segment is home to world class teams of app and game developers, licensing and retail experts, a leading retail business (Disney Store), artists and storytellers, and technologists who inspire imaginations around the world.

Verve Records & Walt Disney Records Announce Tracklisting For Compilation Album We Love Disney, Due October 30th

Verve Records and Walt Disney Records have announced the 12 artists who are included on the upcoming compilation album We Love Disney, which will be released on October 30th. The album features the hottest artists from across the pop, rock, R&B, and country worlds delivering their own unique interpretations of classic Disney songs. We Love Disney was produced by multi-platinum, 16-time Grammy® Award-winning producer and Verve Music Group Chairman David Foster.

The album features singer-songwriter NE-YO on the Oscar® and a Golden Globe Award-winning song "Friend Like Me," from 1992's Aladdin; British pop singer and songwriter Jessie J on "Part of Your World," from 1989's The Little Mermaid; multi-platinum pop/R&B singer/songwriter Jason Derulo on the Oscar® and a Golden Globe Award-winning song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," from 1994's The Lion King; multi-platinum solo artist and No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani on the Oscar®-nominated song "The Rainbow Connection," from 1979's The Muppet Movie; multi-platinum pop singer Ariana Grande on "Zero To Hero," from 1997's Hercules; singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko on "In a World of My Own/Very Good Advice" from 1961's Alice in Wonderland; rock band Fall Out Boy on "I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)" from 1967's The Jungle Book; singer-songwriter and Capitol Records artist Tori Kelly on "Colors of the Wind," the Oscar®, Golden Globe, and Grammy-winning theme song from 1995's Pocahontas; critically acclaimed country artist Kacey Musgraves on "A Spoonful of Sugar" from 1964's Mary Poppins; soul/R&B singer and Verve Recording artist Charles Perry on "Ev'rybody Wants To Be a Cat," from 1970's The Aristocats; British soul singer Jessie Ware on "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes," which appears in both the 1950 animated film Cinderella as well as this year's enchanting adaptation of the classic film directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Lily James; and best-selling country group Rascal Flatts, accompanied by Hollywood Records' artist-actress Lucy Hale duet on "Let It Go," the top-selling, Oscar® and Grammy-winning song from the 2013 film Frozen. The album also features a rendition of "It's a Small World" performed by all of the artists.
"In choosing the artists to appear on We Love Disney, we tried to cover the whole spectrum," David Foster says. "I wanted great singers. That's always been my mandate. We set the bar high and everyone who came in absolutely killed it. The vocals on this album are spectacular."
We Love Disney will be released in several configurations, including as a digital album, a standard CD, a Deluxe CD, on Deluxe Vinyl, and as a picture-disc set. The Deluxe versions feature two bonus tracks from Verve Records' artists Brenna Whitaker ("It's Not Easy Being Green" from The Muppet Show) and Yuna ("A Whole New World" from Aladdin). We Love Disney will also be available as a Collector's Edition Box Set, which includes the digital deluxe album, limited-edition double vinyl, standard-edition double vinyl, limited-edition CD, standard-edition CD, limited-edition double-picture disc, four numbered lithographs, a DVD of "The Magic Behind We Love Disney," a limited-edition T-shirt featuring a one-time only design, an exclusive tote bag, and a Certificate of Authenticity.
The album and box set can all be pre-ordered now at Those who pre-order the digital album via participating retailers will receive an instant download of NE-YO's "Friend Like Me."
The tracklisting for We Love Disney is as follows:
NE-YO "Friend Like Me" (Aladdin)
Jessie J "Part of Your World "(The Little Mermaid)
Jason Derulo "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" (The Lion King)
Gwen Stefani "The Rainbow Connection" (The Muppet Movie)
Ariana Grande "Zero To Hero" (Hercules)
Jhené Aiko "In a World of My Own/Very Good Advice" (Alice in Wonderland)
Fall Out Boy "I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)" (The Jungle Book)
Tori Kelly "Colors of the Wind" (Pocahontas)
Kacey Musgraves "A Spoonful of Sugar" (Mary Poppins)
Charles Perry "Ev'rybody Wants To Be a Cat" (The Aristocats)
Jessie Ware "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (Cinderella)
Lucy Hale & Rascal Flatts "Let It Go" (Frozen)
Various Artists "It's a Small World"
Bonus tracks on Deluxe CD, Vinyl, and Picture Disc:
Brenna Whitaker "It's Not Easy Being Green" (The Muppet Show)
Yuna "A Whole New World" (Aladdin)
About Verve Music Group:
Verve is Universal Music Group's American contemporary label with an active artist roster that includes Andrea Bocelli, Diana Krall, Mark Knopfler, Ledisi, Dirty Loops, Sarah McLachlan, Yuna and Barry Manilow, to name a few. David Foster, a 16-time Grammy Award-winning producer, has served as Verve Chairman since 2012. When Verve was founded in 1956, the label made a name for itself as the home of jazz legends including Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Evans, Nina Simone, John Coltrane, Stan Getz and Billie Holiday.
About Walt Disney Records/Disney Music Group:
Disney Music Group is home to Walt Disney Records, Hollywood Records, Disney Music Publishing and DMG Nashville. DMG releases family music and film and television soundtracks such as the Oscar and Grammy-winning "Frozen" soundtrack, the Grammy-nominated soundtracks for "Guardians of the Galaxy," the Aladdin Original Broadway Cast Recording, and "Saving Mr. Banks," as well as "Teen Beach 2," and the upcoming soundtracks "The Descendants," "Ant-Man," and "Star Wars." DMG also releases the Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection, a series celebrating the anniversaries of Disney's most cherished and classic films, including "Mary Poppins," "The Lion King," and Disney Pixar's "Toy Story." The labels' genre-spanning rosters include Demi Lovato, Breaking Benjamin, ZZ Ward, R5, Grace Potter, Zella Day, Bea Miller, Sabrina Carpenter, Joywave, Olivia Holt, Jordan Fisher, Fairfax Recordings, and more.

In Celebration of Digital HD and Blu-ray Release of Cinderlla, Disney Launches "A Million Words of Kindness" Campaign

In celebration of the Digital HD and Blu-ray release of Disney’s “Cinderella” on September 15, 2015, Walt Disney Studios is proud to announce the launch of “A Million Words of Kindness” Campaign. Inspired by the spirit of Cinderella, this online initiative invites fans everywhere to pledge their commitment to be courageous and kind in the hopes of achieving “A Million Words of Kindness” in time for World Kindness Day on November 13th, 2015.

In the film “Cinderella,” Ella is told by her mother, “Where there is kindness, there is goodness; and where there is goodness, there is magic.” Now families everywhere can create this magic themselves by submitting words of courage and kindness at, using the hashtags #Cinderella and #bekind or the handle @Cinderellamovie. These kind words and their entrant’s names will then appear on the site’s interactive “Kindness Wall.”

To join the “A Million Words of Kindness” Campaign, visit and use your words to help make the world a kinder, more magical place!

About Disney’s “Cinderella”:
Celebrate Disney’s “Cinderella,” a modern classic that shines with beauty, imagination…and magic! Despite being mistreated by her stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and stepsisters, a spirited Ella (Lily James) resolves to take charge of her fate. Add a royal ball, a Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham-Carter) and a glass slipper, and suddenly – magic becomes reality!

Starring Cate Blanchett as Stepmother (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”), Lily James as Cinderella (TV’s “Downton Abbey”), Richard Madden (TV’s “Game of Thrones”) as Prince, Stellan Skarsgård (Marvel’s: “The Avengers,” “Thor”) as Grand Duke, Holliday Grainger (“Jane Eyre”) as Anastasia, Derek Jacobi (“The King’s Speech,” “Underworld: Evolution”) as King, and Helena Bonham Carter as Fairy Godmother (“Alice in Wonderland,” “The King’s Speech”), and directed by Kenneth Branagh (“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” “Thor”), “Cinderella” debuts on Disney Blu-ray® Combo Pack, Disney Movies Anywhere, and Digital HD September 15, 2015. For more information, visit

About The Walt Disney Studios:
For over 90 years, The Walt Disney Studios has been the foundation on which The Walt Disney Company was built. Today, the Studio brings quality movies, music and stage plays to consumers throughout the world. Feature films are released under the following banners: Disney, including Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios; Disneynature; Marvel Studios; Lucasfilm; and Touchstone Pictures, the banner under which live-action films from DreamWorks Studios are distributed. The Disney Music Group encompasses the Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records labels, as well as Disney Music Publishing. The Disney Theatrical Group produces and licenses live events, including Disney on Broadway, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!.

Gameloft and Disney Interactive Announce Disney Magic Kingdoms for Smartphones and Tablets at D23 Expo

At D23 EXPO 2015 in Anaheim, California, Gameloft, a leading digital and social game publisher, and Disney Interactive announced the development of Disney Magic Kingdoms for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Windows Phone.

Disney Magic Kingdoms will allow players to build the theme park of their dreams by recreating and placing iconic attractions in a fun animated landscape. With influence from the Disneyland Resort in California, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Paris and more, the game reimagines Disney Parks for mobile, letting fans experience an authentic and magical experience anytime, anywhere. Gameloft and Disney Interactive worked with Walt Disney Imagineering to bring Disney attractions such as Space Mountain, "it's a small world", California Screamin' and many more to life in the game.
In Disney Magic Kingdoms, fans can also interact with characters from more than 90 years of Disney history, including Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski and countless others. Players will also face numerous quests that will unravel an exciting tale of adventure to save the park from villains including Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent, Toy Story's Emperor Zurg and Tangled's Mother Gothel.
Lucky visitors of D23 Expo were given an exclusive sneak preview of the game, and fans everywhere can look forward to their sneak peek to the game soon!
Stay tuned to discover the spectacular world of Disney Magic Kingdoms at
About Gameloft:
A leading digital and social game publisher, Gameloft® has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms, including mobile phones, smartphones and tablets (including Apple® iOS, Android® and Windows® devices), set-top boxes and connected TVs. Gameloft operates its own established franchises such as Asphalt®, Order & Chaos, Modern Combat or Dungeon Hunter and also partners with major rights holders including Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney®, Marvel®, Hasbro®, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel® and Ferrari®.
Gameloft is present on all continents, distributes its games in over 100 countries and employs over 5,200 developers.
Gameloft is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris (Euronext: GFT.PA, Bloomberg: GFT FP, Reuters: GLFT.PA). Gameloft is traded OTC in the US (sponsored Level 1 ADR ticker: GLOFY).
About Disney Interactive:
Disney Interactive is the digital entertainment part of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS). As one of the world's largest creators of high-quality digital experiences, Disney Interactive produces interactive entertainment for the whole family including multi-platform video games, online short form video, mobile and social games and digital destinations across all current and emerging media platforms.
Entertaining guests of all ages, Disney Interactive's key products include the video game platform Disney Infinity, top virtual world for kids Club Penguin, popular mobile franchises like Frozen Free Fall and LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum, top online destinations for kids, parents and fans including, Oh My Disney, and and the Disney social network reaching more than 1.5 billion guests on Facebook.