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Downtown Disney

What to Do in Downtown Disney

While Disney World’s theme parks and water parks are great, don’t rule Downtown Disney out. This area is free to visit and many people visit in the evenings. If you have some time in the day, be sure to check it out. Maybe go if your plane gets in on a day that doesn’t leave you a full day for a Disney park, perhaps stop by one evening if leaving a park early, or for a non-Disney park day, walking around Downtown Disney in Orlando may be perfect for you. Not to mention for Florida residents, this area has things to do and see if you’re not on vacation.

Here are some of the highlights of Downtown Disney.

Number One: Sampling a free chocolate treat. Orlando is hot. Orlando is crowded. Walking can be tiring. Even with all the excitement, it can be easy to get grumpy. So if you need a pick me up or are just a chocolate lover, be sure stop inside the Ghiradelli store for a free piece of chocolate. There’s a sales associate offering them as you walk in so why not take a stroll in the store.

Ghiradelli Store in Downtown Disney
Ghiradelli Store in Downtown Disney

Number Two: Enjoying parking for free. Unlike the parking lots at the Disney theme parks, where you must pay if you are not staying at a Disney Resort hotel, in Downtown Disney you can park for free regardless of where you are staying.

Number Three: Getting on Characters in Flight. It’s the big hot air balloon. Though it doesn’t float away, it does go 400 feet in the air for an awesome view. You do need to pay for this one.
Characters in Flight Balloon
Characters in Flight Balloon

Number Four: Trying one of the food places. From food trucks to express dining to longer sit down experiences, Downtown Disney has a variety of food establishments.

Number Five: Visiting The Lego Store. There’s a bunch of neat places to shop in Downtown Disney, but a good choice (particularly if you have you children who are in to Legos), is The Lego Store. Take pictures with the Lego creations outside and then walk in and see some more Lego creations (and yes, many Legos to buy) too.

While these are just some of the highlights of Downtown Disney, there’s a lot more to see and do. Stay tuned for events and attractions to check out in Downtown Disney and all over Disney World.

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