UA-36047796-1 What to Do at Disney: February


February...a great time to visit the Disney World theme parks. Temperatures are still on the cool side, but not cold. Be sure to have long sleeves / a jacket with you.

Valentine's Day is arrives Feburary 14th and there are plenty of things at Disney World geared for couples including fine dining restaurants.

And if you would like to bring young children to Disney World, February is a good choice due to temperatures not being too hot and less wait time for attractions. Watch out for theme parks closing a little bit earlier than the summer months due to less crowds.

The third Monday of the month is President's Day (February 16, 2015) and the theme parks will likely be a bit more crowded than the beginning of the month.

Disney's Half Marathon Princess Event - Kids Races Friday, February 21st Saturday, February 22nd, 5K Friday, February 21st, and 10K Saturday, February 22nd

Atlanta Braves Spring Training home games at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex - Feb. 26th against the Detroit Tigers at 1:05 p.m. and Feb. 28th against the Houston Astros at 6:05 p.m.

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